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Mom had a Fall, now what?

The worst fear has just happened. Mom had a fall and no one knew until a friend found her. She is now in the hospital with a fracture. Where do you go from here?

Understanding Supportive Aging

This is a frequent scenario often encountered at assisted living communities. There is a lot to know about senior living and supportive aging; like what resources are available to address mom’s individual needs after retirement and knowing what needs are to be prioritized and addressed and also having the appropriate personnel to assist in addressing those needs. Knowing what questions to ask is just the beginning, but being asked pertinent questions when trying to navigate something like this will help ensure that you will make an informed and appropriate decision.

Seeking Professional Assistance

There are a lot of moving parts to manage and to cope with. This is the time when an experienced professional in assisted living will be very valuable to you in navigating through this process. Finding one should be at the top on your list early in the process; ideally, look for a Registered Nurse seasoned in geriatrics and caring for seniors in the setting appropriate for mom.

In the soft glow of the afternoon sun, a concerned middle-aged woman gently discusses recent falls and the possibility of transitioning to assisted living in Metairie with her elderly mother, their thoughtful conversation unfolding amidst the tranquility of their shared outdoor space.

What to Expect After a Hospital Stay

But first, let’s recognize what to possibly look ahead to after the hospital stay: doctor follow-ups, routine therapy for a number of weeks, medication additions, changes or adjustments and their timeliness, the degree of difficulty with rehabbing, depression, motivation issues, isolation, difficulties with bathing, dressing and perhaps going to the toilet, and general safety issues are a few to start with. This is certainly enough in and of itself to keep track of, not to mention, having our own issues and families to care for. It can be a stressful time for everyone and overwhelming for both mom – and her family. Tasks mom was once able to do may not be the present case. She may not be able to do several things she once could, depending on the severity of her fall.

Got fears regarding assisted living? Learn how to make necessary decisions without facing any guilt.

Caring for Mom in a Supportive Environment

Considering all of this, it’s best to keep them in a routine, keep them eating healthy, nutritious meals and their minds engaged. This is often a challenge for family members who work and have their own families to care for. We realize that most people would want to stay home and wing it but rehabbing is generally easier with the support that is readily available, especially when one is able to see other seniors manage. At this juncture it is not so much about the real estate; it should be about trying to manage as independently as possible, with dignity, and in a supportive environment as we age. So, does Mom go back home? Does she go to live with one of her kids? Is there someone equipped to take care of her? Or is there an alternative available that will offer her the opportunity to thrive better?

Experience the Quality Care at St. Francis Villa Assisted Living

Since 1999 the owners and staff at St. Francis Villa have navigated the care of seniors by offering them the best quality of life possible by addressing their individual needs with the goal of encouraging independence, offering choices, and preserving their dignity. We have set up bespoke assisted living New Orleans, assisted living Metairie, and assisted living Kenner facilities. Our seasoned staff guides families and their loved ones through the process of creating and executing a custom care plan that is best for them. Plan ahead, call today!

When experience matters, peace of mind follows. 

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