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We don't feature real estate, we emphasize relationships. We don't piece together services; we provide whole-life solutions!

In determining how to get good value for your money, one will need to consider that the cost of caring for someone is increasing due to labor shortages and wage increases, insurance cost and supply and demand cost.  So it makes good sense to evaluate your options carefully. 

There are numerous reasons why people are living longer today. A simple answer is due to advances in medicine. Perhaps the question we should be asking ourselves is “are we being a good steward with money to afford to live another ten to fifteen years?” In other words, are we getting good value for our money to help sustain that longevity?

The average cost in 2020 in the New Orleans Metro Area for Home Health Aides and Homemaker Services are $17 per hour or $3900 per month. The average cost of assisted living in this same area is $4163 according to a nationally recognized senior care insurance company. There are other costs to consider in determining value such as a long-term lease, non-refundable community fee, medicine assistance, level of care and other essential and discretionary items. Real estate, architecture and management fees also influence cost.

Value is also found intrinsically in relationship focused care, education and experience in care giving and in the “feel of things”. All these should be considered in determining getting good value for your money to help assure there will be funds for the long term.

"... The day had been stressful for me, because I had so much to do and began second guessing myself. But once I spent some time at St. Francis, I knew it was the right choice. The residents were so friendly and joyful as was the staff."

"... We especially are thankful for the care you provided her and the friendships she developed there."

"You were my life line when I needed a place for mom. You provided her with the love and care no other place could have provided. Thank you for being there whenever you were needed."

When experience matters, peace of mind follows. 

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