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peace of mind follows

"Peace of Mind"

Explore Assisted Living Lifestyle Solutions for Lifestyle Changes: Where experience matters "Peace of Mind" follows. 

Lifestyle changes guide us as we are deciding about our elderly parents well-being and care. What to do, what we need to consider or where to go are the hardest gut-wrenching decisions we have to make as children of parents who are declining in their ability to function independently.

St Francis Villa is uniquely experienced with over 100 years in assisted living in five key leadership positions to provide “Lifestyle Solutions” for River Ridge, Harahan, Metairie, Kenner and New Orleans residents that deliver: (click and explore your solution below)

The first thing to look at is how safe are your parents in their current environment. Are they falling? Are they eating regularly, are their meals healthy or do they forget to eat entirely? Have they had weight loss? Do they forget to turn the stove off after cooking a meal? Are the bills piling up without being paid? Getting cut-off notices? Scratches and scrapes along the bumpers or side of their cars?

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That is one of the hardest gut-wrenching decisions we have to make as children of parents who are declining in their ability to function independently. Since most elderly people want to stay in their own home until they die, and some may have made you promise you would never put them anywhere else, this becomes an even more agonizing decision to face.

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So when do you typically discover that your parent is not cutting it? After how many falls? A dislocated shoulder or broken hip? Confusion because of dehydration or skipping or doubling up on medicine? How many trips to the doctor or hospital? What about just not seeing it or not wanting to believe it? Denial, avoidance and guilt can interfere with reality. Facing the fact that your parent(s) are aging and perhaps their safety is at issue and even more evident, that their quality of life is suffering or not what it should be or can be is difficult. This is a critical component of making the right decision for relativies!

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Most do not realize the severity of their parent’s needs until an emergency arises. Waiting or delaying may mean accepting less because when an emergency happens there may not be enough time to explore options. Sometimes assisted living may not be a viable option because of the type of emergency.

Recognizing important changes in seniors and the aging process is why experience is important, not only in helping with the decision to determine the right fit, but also in what is recommended to provide appropriate care.

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here is no shortcut or service that can really tell you what is best. Many families don’t realize that the “experts” that profess to be able to find you the best resources are actually referral services who provide paid leads to senior housing communities that have openings. Choosing care is one task that is truly Do-It-Yourself.

After you tour, setup a second tour so family members can attend and be reassured. Ask your family members  what questions they want answered if they are unable to attend.

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In determining how to get good value for your money, one will need to consider that the costs of assisted living and of caring for someone is increasing due to labor shortages and wage increases, insurance cost and supply and demand cost.  So it makes good sense to evaluate your options carefully.

There are numerous reasons why people are living longer today. A simple answer is due to advances in medicine. Perhaps the question we should be asking ourselves is “are we being a good steward with money to afford to live another ten to fifteen years?” In other words, are we getting good value for our money to help sustain that longevity?

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The assisted living Home of Choice for the East Jefferson and New Orleans area for more than 22 years!

Serving residents from River Ridge, Harahan, Metairie, Kenner, New Orleans & the surrounding areas.

Below are just some of the ways that St. Francis Villa stands out when compared to other Assisted Living communities in the East Jefferson and New Orleans area:

Only a 65 resident capacity in a unique, family friendly, residential lifestyle to help ensure that no one is lost in the crowd

Beautiful cheery interiors with no long hallways to maneuver and living suites that are designed to accommodate aging in place

A well established active elderly resident community

Living Room
Ten cozy living areas reflecting a preferred lifestyle of family, friends and fun to encourage living and socializing in their home and with purpose-driven activities
Our assisted living community is locally owned and managed on-site by owners

Seasoned, on-site, key leadership team with 100+ years of experience in assisted living and combined with their long-term care experience, 150 years

In addition to our key leadership team, uniquely qualified owners Deris’ and Naquin’s have a combined experience of 148 + years in geriatric long-term care
Local cuisine provided by an experienced New Orleans restaurant chef trained by a famous local chef
No entrance or community fee — Save up to $2,000.00 or more
Flexible month to month lease — No long term commitment

Lighted, out of sight off-street parking to promote a better residential feel

Attractive lawn areas, beautifully landscaped for a residential feel with a classic gazebo

Varied social and activity experiences that successfully blend an assisted living environment with enjoyable programs

Well-trained, ample, attentive and caring staff
State-of-the-art emergency call system that features mobility, instant identification paging and computerized tracking to help ensure timely response
Small pets are welcome

Senior Living Testimonials

There’s no better way than a personal visit to really experience the senior assisted living offerings at St. Francis Villa.

We welcome you to browse around our site to learn a bit about who we are and what we do. Click on the links to read about our residents, families, staff, and ownership. Then call us for an appointment so we can show you around!

See what our assisted living residents and their families have to say about St. Francis Villa and their journey to assisted living in the video:

Play Video about Screenshot of an elderly woman assisted living resident and her daughter who are residents of residents of the River Ridge, Harahan, Metairie, Kenner, and New Orleans area providing a testimonial for St Francis Villa

It’s About Family

Visits become opportunities to make happy memories…


Enjoy the senior lifestyle you want, in spite of the challenges of aging

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St. Francis Villa’s assisted living resident services are designed to give seniors independence and dignity

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Discover the feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing you’ve made a positive difference in the lives of others. 

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“Our mission to serve others means not just caring for the residents entrusted to us, but our mission extends to those who surround residents as well.”

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