Relieve Fears about Moving

That is one of the hardest gut-wrenching decisions we have to make as children of parents who are declining in their ability to function independently. Since most elderly people want to stay in their own home until they die, and some may have made you promise you would never put them anywhere else, this becomes an even more agonizing decision to face.

Some families wait too long to make a move to enjoy a better quality of life. Some try to piece meal the problem because of the push back they receive or the guilt they feel or just wanting to avoid the decision to move. It is often at the expense of a better quality of life. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard,   “I wish we would have done this sooner” or “I have only fallen a few times”! 

Look beyond decor and style to the feeling and “heart” of a place.  Everyone knows that bad smells may not be a good sign.  On the other hand, a state of the art facility doesn’t necessarily translate into good care. Look for happy residents, staff attitudes, resident appearances and the overall feel of the place. More important than ornamental style is the experience, quality of care and services provided for the assisted living care needed. Chances are that when you choose a well established home with an excellent reputation your fears are put to rest.

"You were my life line when I needed a place for mom. You provided her with the love and care no other place could have provided. Thank you for being there whenever you were needed."

"... it had become not just a "living center" for my mother but truly her home. I often said to my mother that it is the memories that are left behind when we depart that are the most important part of our existence and God has left her here (and still does) all these years for that purpose ... I thank you for being there for her. You were her extended family. My wife says that my mother has lived extra years because of me. She was fading and I brought her back. I was lucky enough to have brought her to a place that did that for me. All those extra memories those years gave me, I will always cherish."

When experience matters, peace of mind follows. 

Take that first step, schedule an appointment today!

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