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Receiving Good Appropriate Care for your Parents

Most do not realize the severity of their parent’s needs until an emergency arises. Waiting or delaying may mean accepting less because when an emergency happens there may not be enough time to explore options. Sometimes assisted living may not be a viable option because of the type of emergency.

Recognizing important changes in seniors and the aging process is why experience is important, not only in helping with the decision to determine the right fit, but also in what is recommended to provide appropriate care. 

Does experience matter or does your parent just need an apartment? Are key staff members uniquely qualified with appropriate education and experience in long-term care to address their specific needs? Is the size of the building something that your parent can walk through easily so attending activities or getting to the dining room is not troublesome, especially as one ages in place?

Are three nourishing meals per day offered or a specialized diet or are they able to cook and shop for themselves safely? Are the meals offered also delicious? That’s important. It’s hard to be happy at a place where the food is not appetizing.

Determining appropriate care for your parents is not necessarily easy to assess. Waiting too long to decide often causes their quality of life to diminish and the risk of danger to increase. That is why experience is important, not only in helping with that decision to determine the right fit, but also in the experience required to provide appropriate care once that move is made. 

"I can't really think of anything I DON'T like about this place! Every time I have been here, it's been so clean and the residents seem so happy. We visited another place yesterday because I wanted my grandmother to see more than one place, but St. Francis Villa is really the only place I would feel comfortable having her live."

When experience matters, peace of mind follows. 

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