It’s About Family

Visits become opportunities to make happy memories…

What if you called your parents just to chat instead of feeling you need to make sure they haven’t fallen or become ill?

Imagine sleeping at night knowing that caring people were helping watch over your mom or dad. Families of St. Francis Villa more often experience such peace of mind when it comes to the care of their loved ones.

Many families come to us stressed and overwhelmed.  The pressures of work, children, and life in general are intensified by the growing concern for an older loved one’s safety and well-being. Guilt and worry build up and families feel they are bearing the burden alone.

Our mission at St. Francis Villa is to help make things more manageable so that families can once again enjoy their time together.  Family tensions are eased as residents regain some independence and control over their lives, no longer relying solely upon one or two family members for their every concern.  Visits become opportunities to make happy memories that residents and their families treasure forever.

“My mother enjoyed her years at St. Francis Villa so much, and when the time came to get assistance for my mother-in-law, we knew just where to go.  Grammy is so much happier at St. Francis!  

“Alone at home, she never wanted to go anywhere and was always calling us just to have someone to talk to.  Now she’s busy with her friends, she smiles all the time, and has something to look forward to each day.  We no longer worry because we know Grammy is safe.”

– K.A., daughter-in-law of a St. Francis Villa resident.

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