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“Experience the joy of reassurance, comfort, contentment and solace through our service so you may fully enjoy life’s most precious moments.”

When Greg and Barbara first met in college, little did they know they would embark upon a journey that would shape who they are today and have such an incredible opportunity to make a difference in so many lives. Though they came from very different family backgrounds, the Deris’ experiences have molded them into a dedicated, passionate team whose commitment to improving the lives of seniors became their mission.

“Our mission to serve others means not just caring for the residents entrusted to us, but our mission extends to those who surround residents as well.” Simply stated, “bring us your overburdened, frazzled, stressed, guilt-ridden, tired and worrisome souls and we will strive to merit your confidence, and to relieve your burden. In doing so, you can experience the joy of reassurance, comfort, contentment and solace through our service so you may fully enjoy life’s most precious moments.”

Locals, Greg and Barbara Deris are co-founders and co-owners of St. Francis Villa with Ray and Marcus Naquin.  Greg and Barbara work at St. Francis as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Resident Services.  Since opening day, Greg and Barbara have been on call 24/7 since 1999. The evidence of God’s blessing upon their journey shows at St. Francis Villa; in part, as measured by kind words, letters of appreciation and full occupancy since 1999, in spite of increased competition from all avenues for care.

The Deris’ bring to St. Francis their backgrounds in geriatric health care. Greg is a licensed Nursing Facility Administrator since 1989 and Barbara a Registered Nurse since 1975 with 24 years as a Director of Nursing and a Nurse Consultant.  Their years of experience caring for the elderly, paired with their personal desire to create a unique living opportunity for seniors led them to seek out a new paradigm in which to live out their calling.

St. Francis Villa specializes in assisted living and is not a medical model as is a nursing home. This is an important distinction. The new paradigm for hiring and training staff with work experience outside a medical model has been successful for St. Francis. Our social model encourages independence and fosters a sense of family that offers choice and helps keep dignity intact rather than “enabling” by a staff trained for a medical model.

Greg and Barbara’s seasoned, sincere approach gives St. Francis Villa a special “personality,” unique in its standard and philosophy of care, as well as in its commitment to family and friendships. “We realize there are many choices available for assisted living and some of you have tried piecing these services together. However, upon qualifying for St. Francis Villa, when all is said and done, we are confident that you will find us to be worth the wait, worth the ride and worth the value!

Where experience matters, peace of mind follows!

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