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Plum Street Snoballs!!

Sal's Snoball
Donna gives Mr. Sal a snoball

On Tuesday, July 9th, the residents of St. Francis Villa were treated to Plum Street Snoballs!  Plum Street owner, Donna Black, brought a great setup to our front porch and made snoballs for any and everyone.







Mr. Pete said it had been 64 years since he’d had a Plum Street Snoball!  Mr. Gabe said he used to get a Plum Street snoball after he finished his paper route when he was a boy.

Gabe, Missy and Melanie
Gabe, Missy and Melanie

There’s nothing like a snoball to bring up great old memories and make great new ones.  Thanks, Donna and Plum Street Snoballs!!


Donna and Ann
Donna from Plum Street Snoballs and her mom, Ann











Ms. Jerri with Strawberry
New Orleans Snow
THIS is the “sno” we have in New Orleans!
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