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How Do You Measure?

I heard this song lately and it inspired me…

February is here.  By this time, many of our New Year’s resolutions have fizzled and we’re back to square one with all our well meaning intents to lose weight, break a bad habit, or increase our savings accounts.  We all have standards by which we measure success and failure.  We’re looking for proof, for growth, for breakthroughs, for documented results, but this year I’m asking myself… how about measuring in love?

There are few things in life as profound and pleasing as love.  Though it often presents itself in ways we don’t expect and through people we may not even know, love exists and is ours to be had if we will participate.  Love may look like the classic 50-year romance or it may be the stranger who lets someone else go first in the checkout line.

More than successful resolutions, I want my life to be measured in love.  In hands held, tears dried, meals fed, pain soothed, smiles shared, jokes told, friends made and hope spread.

I spend my days around folks who have more years behind than ahead.  Perspective abounds as we make the most of each moment.  Assisted living is all about giving residents and families more moments in which to make memories that last, more time to do the things they enjoy with the people they enjoy, more chances to measure in love.

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