Welcome to St. Francis Villa

St. Francis Villa is truly a community. We enjoy our beautiful surroundings with residents, caregivers, and visiting family members. We hope this information is a blessing to you whether you’re making a new decision or staying connected with us online.

Time to Change the Script!

It’s time to change the script of 2020 and our residents will be taking the lead!  Stay tuned for more!

Inside Assisted Living During a Pandemic:  What No One Is Telling You About Senior Care in Difficult Times

The TV news flashes across the screen and you look away from yet another report showing the sad faces of elderly residents as they touch hands with a family member through a window.  Suspicions abound as folks complain about not being able to visit in person with their loved ones, and hearing too little about their care.  These unfortunate scenes, …

Castle or Cabin? How to Find the Right Assisted Living Home

Upon her first visit to St. Francis Villa, a new resident’s 3 year old great granddaughter viewed the building with its turrets and Victorian style and announced with awe:  “Grammie lives in a castle!”  A little one, with no preconceived notions about what assisted living is simply exclaimed in joy over Grammie’s new home. Adults looking for care for a …